An Andy Update

Quoth Gov. Cuomo:

Ask yourself: If he were more liberal, he would have done what? What more could I have possibly done? You’re gonna use the tax code just to take money from the rich and give it to the poor? That’s not liberalism. That’s confiscation! Liberalism was ‘Lift up the poor.’

This gentleman could eventually make the Clintons look like Fabian socialists.




An Andy Update — 8 Comments

  1. In this vein, I must say I gotta love all those “New York Open For Business” ads on the TV. What is Cuomo, a Rick Perry wannabe?

  2. What is it with these second-generation pols? They are infinitely worse than their semi-illustrious parents. Mario Cuomo and Andrew. George H.W. Bush and Dubya. George Romney and Mitt. The list is extensive, whether in politics or business. I guess when you’re born with a silver spoon up your butt, you know you don’t really have to do much more than breathe. It’s enough to give primogeniture a bad name.

  3. The dear governor seems not to understand the concept of taxation in support of government. The taxes of any class of people has no direct transfer to any other group of people. Taxation is the result of the need for all citizens to bear the burden of the cost of government, even those state governments that are all too willing to squander such tax receipts in the name of support of business. Who does Andy C. think he’s going to collect taxes from? The family earning $35,000 and trying to raise two or three kids? The wealthy citizens need to taxed at a higher rate than all others because they have the bulk of the earnings and the wealth. A corollary to the Sutton Law of Finance: Tax the rich because that’s where the money is.

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