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Older than dirt. Rutgers, Class of '71. Ph.D. in economics, University of Maryland. Suburban soccer dad spouting like a rec room bolshevik.

Bruenig & UBI

“Politics is not arithmetic.” – Álvaro Cunhal, former Secretary-General, Partido Comunista Português My friend, the semi-notorious Matt Bruenig, responded to my bit in Jacobin on Andrew Yang and Universal Basic Income (UBI) on his Peoples Policy Institute website, so here … Continue reading

Free Everything

Nobody seems impressed by my point that the prospective incidence of benefits from Sanders’ plan for ‘free college’ will be different — and less regressive — than the retrospective distribution. So I will hit it again. But there is a … Continue reading

Plan, Market, and Wal-Market

“Men plan, and God laughs.” – Yiddish proverb, origin unknown More and more people are talking about socialism, but nobody’s doing anything about it. If we’re talking about “nationalizing the means of production,” Bernie Sanders’ avowedly democratic socialist political revolution … Continue reading