Hillary to Gaza: drop dead

No daylight here between our next president and Bibi the Butcher. Her moral obtuseness is awe-inspiring. And she wishes Obama had jumped into Syria. So we’re in for a mixture of aggression, incoherence (help the Syrian opposition without somehow helping ISIS), and demagogy (accusing Israeli critics of anti-semitism).



Hillary to Gaza: drop dead — 2 Comments

  1. Hillary is running for President. Did you see Rand Paul’s reversal on Jon Stewart?

    If we get a Republican president they’ll go to war with Iran. With Hillary, who knows? The Middle East will continue to fall apart as it did under Obama.

    If you don’t go in and do a massive Marshall plan, the three-way between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel is going to spit up these ISIS types. Actually it’s a four way with the dictatorships of Saudia Arabia and Egypt fighting the Muslim Brotherhood. (Qatar funded the Morsi government in Egypt which was allied with Hamas.)

    Obama’s policy seems to be to use sanctions: on Iran and Russia. Will Hillary continue in that vein? When Hillary put on her liberal face in a discussion with Fareed Zakaria, she made a good point. It’s not in the interest of Israel to keep the Palestinians down economically. My words not hers: in effect Israel has massive economic sanctions on the Palestinians an all they’re producing is the war in Gaza, hate in the region and disrespect around the world.

    The way forward is not bombs but a prosperous US, Europe and Japan which help China, Russia and the Iran/the Middle East to prosper. Sanctions aren’t the way, they destroyed Iraq

  2. I’m agin any sanctions on Iran, or Syria for that matter. I’d eliminate aid to all the SOBs — Egypt, Israel, the oil sheikdoms.

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