MaxSpeak vs. VoxSpeak — 2 Comments

  1. He doesn’t say why universal basic income would be better than federalizing TANF.

    He seems to make an analogy with Social Security in that SS goes to everyone regardless and isn’t paternalistic. But everyone pays into Social Security also.

    But I agree that federalizing TANF, etc. is more plausible given Clinton’s welfare reform and Bush’s move to privatize Social Security.

    To me the reform (which would replace other programs) bears a family resemblance to NGDP path level targeting (which would sideline the focus on unemployment) and a central bank “helicopter drop” (instead of money-financed government spending.)

    And possibly Obamacare versus the public option/single payer.

    They’re better than nothing but the overwhelming majority of conservatives don’t share the enthusiasm of the reformers. Why not push for what you really want rather than do the bare minimum and let the market take care of the rest?

  2. I am concerned that the discussion of UBI is going to eclipse more doable and effective improvements such as minimum wage enhancement and EITC expansion. These are simply the mechanisms in place that attempt to create a “UBI”.
    There exists a financially challenged demographic which does not benefit from these programs. This is a problem which can be addressed by non-motivational relief programs which would, by default, be a stand-in for UBI. The UBI discussion has yet to encounter the conservative patriot-distic guillotine.

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