Montreal notes

So I’ve been here all week w/my beloved. We got tired of the warming up in D.C. and wanted more snow, cold air, icy sidewalks, and biting wind.

A few notes before we leave, in case anyone has any brilliant suggestions for things to do. I’ve never traveled much. This was my first trip out of the country in over ten years. Don’t change money at the airport is my sage advice to infrequent flyers.

There was some kind of demo Sunday. Lots of police downtown. Our bourgeois cab ride went by it.

We went to the Basilica of Notre-Dame. Done a lot of walking around. Going to the L’Espace pour la Vie today (also called Biodome, which makes me think of Pauley Shore, despite myself).

Staying in a house in Mile End, where hipsters are everywhere. Also Hassidem (men only; haven’t seen any women on the street). We haven’t found a bad restaurant yet. Restaurant Rumi (great Persian food), Au Coin de Berbere (heavenly couscous), B&M (nice brunch), L’Gros Luxe (ditto), Joe Beef (great food, but $$$$).

The way to do this city I think is to hit the Italian market the first day and stock up on all sorts of yummy delicacies.

I’ll get back to some of the comments, but I’ve been sitting around too long today already. Time to get back out there.



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  1. Well it’s kinda rainy right now so … a trip to the mountain might not give you the best vistas. Are you still here on the weekend? You might want to check out a maple shack. Most of them are kinda touristy, don’t know how refined yer taste buds are. French websites for two that seem to focus a little more on making the food actually good:
    but I haven’t had a chance to visit either of them yet.

    There is a great bistro up in Mile End called Lemeac (on Laurier/Parc).
    I recommend the butternut squash soup, the grilled hanger steak and the french toast w/ maple caramel for dessert.

    Bottega is a nice italian pizzeria (they imported the oven from Naples) not too far from you over in Little Italy (St. Zotique and St. Laurent)

    Chowhound has good things to say about the Indian and Greek places up that way too.

    Au Pied de Cochons is where you go to get your foie gras on.

    Their sugar shack does reservations by lottery in December for the coming spring and is always dramatically over-subscribed so unless you start throwing around your Very Important Blogger social credit it won’t be an option.

    If you end up liking the Biodome (I did, thought it was good), there is another Zoo in the West Island (you have a rental car?)
    Haven’t been there either but friends with kids speak well of the place.

  2. Are you “doing” only Montreal or going a bit further afield? I was in Quebec City about 30 years ago, and it is amazing. My recollection is that the old city is a medieval European city, transplanted to North America. Also, lots of good food. Also, in February (i.e., when I was there), pretty cold; and judging by the current weather in northern New England, it probably is too, at the moment, but likely not much more than Montreal.

  3. No we’re not leaving Montreal. I was in Quebec in the 80s. Liked it a lot. Maybe another time. I’d also like to go to Vancouver. I love Canada.

  4. I very much appreciate this. I didn’t see it until we got back because WordPress holds comments with links for moderation.

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