The Chigago 7, Sorkinized

Last night I watched “Trial of the Chicago 7.” Entertaining, nice acting, wildly inaccurate in key respects:

1. ‘Sorkinizing’ Abbie Hoffman into a liberal West Wing intern.

2. portraying SDSers as button-down nerds. In reality they (we) were as raggedy as the Yippies.

3. Inventing a romance between Jerry Rubin and a non-existent, sympathetic female undercover agent.

4. downplaying the abuse of Bobby Seale.

5. turning Fred Hampton from a man into a juvenile.

6. humanizing prosecutor Schultz, who was actually a pig.

7. turning Tom Hayden into a Boy Scout with the never-happened tribute to the war dead. A friend notes that Hayden showed up for the first day of the Weathermen’s “Days of Rage” antics.

So in general sanding off the rough edges of both sides. The Hoffman bit, with his fictional equating of elections with revolution, was the worst.

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