“We interrupt this genocide to bring you . . . “

avatar-promo-merchandise-thumbLast night was a deeply weird experience — watching the “FX Download” version of the movie Avatar. I’d seen the movie when it first came out, thought I’d do it again. Mistake.

I’m aware of all the clichés in the story — white dude goes native, rescues indigenous people from evil Commerce, fucks the chief’s daughter, becomes Warrior Numero Uno. The look of the film in the theater, with the 3D glasses, was enough to prompt me to give it another look.

First off FX butchered the film by chopping off pieces. Second, more than the usual number of interruptions. Third, totally cheeseball discussion of the film and its technical gimmicks by a pair of young persons. I don’t want to know about the film, I want to watch it. Plus the interruptions by the chirpy nitwits totally breaks the mood and pace of the story. Of course since I had recorded it, I just fast-forwarded through the crap as best I could.

Most of all, you have a story about Commerce undertaking genocide for the sake of natural resource extraction — a story with numerous real-world analogs — broken up by happy talk about how this or that was done in the film, not to mention commercials. Like I said, deeply weird. It would be like watching The Sorrow and the Pity interrupted with commercials for Subway and the Gerber Life program. With any sense of empathy, even for a completely fanciful sci-fi tale, it’s off-putting. The overall presentation spoke to the most witless sensibility.

FX does some great series. I’m totally into The Strain and The Bridge. For movies I’ll have to look elsewhere.


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