Are blogs over?

I hope not. If you’re not too busy on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, give us a hello.

A few updates. I moved out to the country with my new bride (#3), and I like it a lot. I retired from the Federal government — the Government Accountability Office — at the end of this past May. I joined the Democratic Socialists of America, though I haven’t done anything besides go to a few marches and meetings.

Lately I’ve written for The Baffler, The Daily Beast, The Boston Review, In These Times, Democracy Journal, and a batch of newspapers. I’ve also started a book. My post-employment income is modest, so I’m always looking for gigs. Uber is a possibility. Maybe pet-sitting.

I had a doggie but had to give him up. He is doing well with a new family. His name is Tut. Here he is:

I started a new website with my buddy Robert Dreyfuss — ThePopulist.Buzz — consisting of proper news and commentary. Bob is a prolific journalist, me not so much on either the prolific or the journalist part. Here I’ll be commenting in a less formal way on whatever strikes my fancy.

I don’t get out much, by choice. This blog is the way I hang out. I’ll see you around, so to speak.



Are blogs over? — 10 Comments

  1. Would be interesting to see some new blog posts. Hopefully that can happen in the near future.

  2. I hope not too. I use twitter as an adjunct to blogs, most of the people I follow, I also follow via RSS.

  3. Moving to the country? Okay. Getting married? Okay. Retiring? Okay. But giving up your dog? That’s drastic!

  4. Why nothing from ThePopulist.Buzz in so long? Was hoping to read some commentary on Schumer and Co.’s “Better Deal.”

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