Blogs are so over

That’s what I’m hearing, after the pending demise of Andrew Sullivan’s venture. Well fuck that. Fuck your monetization. Fuck your SEO keywords. Fuck your snackable content. Fuck your clickbait. Clear your mind of trivialities and inanities. Don’t waste time arguing with idiots. Tune out the noise. Seek a higher level of consciousness. Get laid.

I plan to leave my nine-to-five gig at the end of this year. And. This. Place. Will. Rock.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter all the time, but I predict the endless drive to “monetize” them will make them shittier and shittier. There will always be an audience for discussions deeper and more substantive than are possible on FB or Twitterville. I don’t need thousands of people to have a rewarding conversation, and I don’t need to get rich.

Maintain, people. We have work to do.



Blogs are so over — 14 Comments

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  2. “In the daytime, I’m Mr. Natural – just as happy as I can be!
    But at night I’m a click-bait junkie. Good Lord have pity on me.”
    Junk Food Junkie – updated lyrics.

  3. The Anybody But Hillary caucus eagerly awaits your trenchant critique of the poverty of her stated plans to address income inequality.

  4. “I’m on Facebook and Twitter all the time…”

    Now *there’s* your problem. The very words “social media” give me a cauld grue.

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