“But Obama . . . !!”

(No longer the president)

Some friends like to remind us that Hillary voted for fences and Obama deported lots of folks and did something or other with Trump’s seven bad Muslim countries.

Walls, fences, what’s the difference? I don’t see any. 2,000 miles or 700, who cares? You can build them inefficiently or otherwise, the ideas are the same. Ditto on deportations. Many or not as many, in stand-alone terms the principle is the same. I’ve always said Bush’s Iraq war was facilitated by Bill Clinton’s sanctions regime. We could go on. Horrible GOP policies often have precursors in bad Dem policies.

What’s actually central is the question of intra-Dem criticism in the midst of this glorious anti-Trump/GOP uproar. It has a place for purposes of pointing a way forward, but it can also be a distraction. The way it has tended to come up has mostly been the latter. If we’re serious, we would like to know about a progressive immigration policy and contrast that to the current atrocity.

Everybody is screaming about Trump’s Executive Order. Great. What is the value of the history lesson about Obama’s 7 nation whatever-it-was? I see none. Show me a progressive alternative, keep that in the foreground, and if Obama/Clinton people want to take issue, let it be their problem.

I am all about moving the D party forward. The way to do it is with constructive proposals, not backbiting. That only helps the bad guys.



“But Obama . . . !!” — 4 Comments

  1. Hurray! Mr. Sawicky!

    (Don’t block me! I’ll be polite.)

    It only took President Donald J. Trump to get him back.

  2. Nice to hear from you, PK. I was coming back anyway, maybe not quite as soon. I’ve been blocking a lot of Trumpies on Twitter who purvey fake news, also a few (ex-)friends who PISS ME OFF. Patience has become a scarce commodity.

  3. Please let me know if I’m pissing you off. I will try very hard not to. I’m a full blown Peacenik now not that it matters much.

    It might be worthwhile to point out to Trumpies that Obama was pretty strict on immigration even if Trump said otherwise. Nah they probably won’t listen.

    The thing about Nixon (previous post) was that he could get fun musicians like James Brown and Elvis to the White House. Trump could only get 3 Doors Down. The culture split seems very wide.

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