Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

(Note: the resurrection of this blog is ongoing. Please excuse our reconstruction work.)

I have neither wealth nor taste. What I do have is the need to push back against the tidal wave of bigotry that is engulfing the nation in general, thanks in great part to the Mango Mussolini, and Virginia House District 30 in particular. I\’ve been exploring a run for that open HD30 seat where I live, in the lower house of the Virginia state legislature.

If you want to support this exploration, you can donate here. I\’ve promised to divert all unused funds to the eventual candidate, if it isn\’t me.

This website is the latest reincarnation of my old blog, \”MaxSpeak, You Listen!.\” Content for that blog was unintentionally erased by my web host for failure to pay a bill on time. It was not for lack of money, just an oversight. You can find fragments of the old blog on the Internet Wayback Machine. The most complete current catalog of my writing is here. My substack is here. Other words of wisdom can be found on my Twitter feed and Mastodon account (

This post is just an initial place-holder. It will be revised in due course.


2 thoughts on “Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself”

  1. Dear Dr. Sawicky —

    I wonder if your old blog content might be available on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. I would look for it there if I had the URL. I will look here for a reply to this comment if you or anyone posts that URL here.

    1. Hi Larry. For some reason I don’t see your comment on the blog. I have used the Wayback Machine to recover some of the posts, but it is very incomplete. You can find some of the old blog by looking at and At any rate I am leaning towards using the Substack for most of my newer writing.

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