Hillary Clinton and stimulating war criminals she has known

020513ClintonKissingerEverything old and evil will be new and evil again.

“Anybody aiming for high office in America has to be able to swear they’re capable of dropping the Big One. Obama knows that. HRC knows it too, but nobody bothers to ask her, since they know the answer anyway. That woman probably uses a bomb sight to target in on her breakfast grapefruit.” — Alexander Cockburn, 4/23/06


Hillary Clinton and stimulating war criminals she has known — 1 Comment

  1. HRC, “— the liberal international order that the United States has worked for generations to build and defend seems to be under pressure from every quarter.” What U.S. has she been living in these past fifty years. One war after another and none of them ever resulting in the spread of any kind of liberal agenda.
    HRC: “In the past, we’ve flirted with isolationism and retreat, but always heeded the call to leadership when it was needed most.” Again, are we living in the same dimension as imagined by HRC? This country hasn’t expressed an isolationist inclination since before WW I.
    And finally HRC: “In his new book, “World Order,” Henry Kissinger explains the historic scope of this challenge. His analysis, despite some differences over specific policies, largely fits with the broad strategy behind the Obama administration’s effort over the past six years to build a global architecture of security and cooperation for the 21st century.” No wonder Obama’s foreign policy initiatives have been so disastrous to date. Why would we want to take advice and analysis from one of the primary architects of disaster over the past half century?

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