I’m with Waldo, that’s where

WaldoHi folks. I’m too fucking lazy to write on hiatus. I still have a full-time job that does not permit me to blog during work hours, and getting up the energy to write after work has been hard. Another factor is the comments here have been pretty sparse, compared to the good old days of MaxSpeak. I miss the give and take. Everybody seems to vent on Twitter, Facebook, and newer platforms I’m too old to figure out.

I’m trying to get up some longer pieces that will have a wider audience. When they publish I will cross-post them here.

I do expect to get more active once my nine-to-five job becomes part-time, or I leave it completely. I’m tanned, rested, and ready. That will happen this fall, I hope.

Thanks for asking.



I’m with Waldo, that’s where — 12 Comments

  1. You want comments?

    “TORONTO – The legal battle between a Canadian dating site for married people seeking affairs and a former employee who claimed she was injured typing up fake profiles of women has come to an end.

    “The dispute began when Silva — who came to Toronto from Brazil — sued her former employer in 2012, alleging she seriously hurt her wrists and forearms typing up 1,000 ‘fake female profiles’ over a few weeks for a new Portuguese-language version of the site.

    “In her claim, Silva said the profiles were meant to lure unsuspecting men to join the site.”

  2. I’m impressed. Who knew that Canada had enough Portuguese-speaking philanderers to warrant this woman’s employment. Job creators!

  3. Glad to hear – and just in time: I was cleaning up bookmarks of folks that hadn’t posted since Christmas.

  4. Ah…good to hear from you, Max. Fuck a bunch of Twit and Faceholes. I have also fallen victim to the “why the fuck?” syndrome. Folks like you keep the net from being just another cable channel.

  5. Me I’m generally trying to limit my blog commenting for non-twitter-related reasons, as I’ve never tweeted. As far as comments here, you know, there’s a positive feedback loop, which I’m sure could work in the other direction with a bit of pushing and plugging.

    I’ve been trying to find the old talkislam.info thread where that prick Trevino showed up out of nowhere, and somebody said something like, “What is this, 2003?” but I’ve failed. Made me laugh at the time.

    But old Maxspeak was my all-time favorite blog, no hype, and I’d love to see more new stuff.

    Jeanne was good too…

  6. First saw your blog a few months ago, and encourage you to keep it up when you have the time and energy!

  7. I guess I meant a negative feedback loop, didn’t I?

    Stuff like that confuses me. And then everything just seems to start going to hell.

  8. Thanks for the explanation for your recent silence! If you wrote daily, I would read what you wrote daily… wishing only that I knew of you before your longer hiatus. ‘Twas Digby put me onto your work, but only recently.

    Best regards —

  9. I’m with Larry. Max writes, I read. Checked your site several time with decreasing frequency since you went quiet. Figured you were either depressed or something worse. Glad to see these not true.

  10. “Work is the curse of the drinking class” – Oscar Wilde. I guess we need to add bloggers to this – unless, of course, bloggers are a subset of the drinking class. Given that so many of today’s political figures seem determined to drive us to drink…

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