Maria update, Friday 9/29

A friend writes . . .

Well, once again, the pump for the water is not working properly, which means that even the few hours of water we had are gone. After an uplifting day yesterday, where xxxxx got some hopeful news about his flight today, and I got to see yyyyy and the kids, the reality is again seeping in.

I know I am a peevish prick, but when I see one of the calmest people I have ever met display signs of angst and aggravation, I know it’s not just me who is bothered by the situation.

The shelves in the supermarkets near me are starting to look bleak. Nothing fresh. The convenience store near me is getting some things, most importantly BEER! Alcohol sales have resumed. So once xxxxx found out that his flight was cancelled, 😩😩😩, we went to the store to get cold beer 🍻.

Now, in the second hour of our gas line, we are passing the time as best as we can. My best hope estimate for electricity, given how central my location in San Juan is, is at least another month…

I have no idea how long before this becomes a chore. I don’t own a car, so the rental is a luxury. It has allowed us to explore the damage, to check in on loved ones (Not my BFF), buy food, and try to get information about xxxx’s flight.

Returning to my pedestrian/cycling life means one less line, but also will create some limitations. Still, I really hope that soon, things start getting better. In the meantime…

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