One of these is not like the others — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry, wrong answer! (cheers and welcome back. I remember your handle from olden days.)

  2. We have two revolutionaries and two assassinées, one living person, one elected official, one commercially successful celebrity activist, one Muslim, one African … but I don’t know what you’re aiming at.

  3. That’s okay. I was on the right track, anyway. So long as I’m here … I didn’t comment on your posts in your previous incarnation but I read them regularly, you do good stuff and I’m grateful you’re active here again.

  4. Sure looks like Lumumba to me. Who were you thinking of, Max? Rap Brown? It’s not him.

  5. Sorry, it is Lumumba. But the answer to the question was Sharpton, see my other comment.

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