Please allow me to reintroduce myself

mug1I have neither wealth nor taste, just the urge to blog. It’s my introverted way of engaging the world. I’m an economist, though I often venture into areas outside of my expertise. I try to acknowledge when I barely know what I’m talking about.

Google my name — Max B. Sawicky, with and without the middle initial — and you’ll find a lot of my work. Some of it is for sale on Amazon. I don’t get any royalties. You can also find some old posts by using the Wayback Machine. Search for the URLs,, and I’ve also done a few posts on and firedoglake.

I’ve worked in several different places in the Federal government and, for 18 years, at the Economic Policy Institute. Views on this site are solely my own, not those of my employer(s) or anybody associated with them. People used to my voice at the old site may find me now a bit subdued by comparison. Consider me temporarily mellowed for professional reasons. It won’t last too long.

I started blogging in May of 2002 and stopped blogging in September 2007, after leaving EPI. The main reason was money plus family health insurance. I needed more. The secondary reason was cobwebs starting to form around my ankles at EPI. Change was good. Given the opportunity now, I’d go back to EPI, though that’s unlikely. I’m old, my youthful appearance notwithstanding, and I expect to semi-retire next year. At that point I’ll be interested in half a job somewhere not troubled by my antics on this web site. I’m hoping for a talk show on Al Jazeera America. The Geezer Left needs a platform. As for MSNBC . . . wait, I’m going to save that part.

My politics are on the left, though there is considerable overlap with honest libertarians. Unlike some fussbudgets, I’m not averse to aligning with libertarians or conservatives on selected tactical issues. I do not consider myself a Democrat, though I usually vote Democrat, unless there is some plausible alternative available. Or unless the Democrat available just sucks too hard.

This blog will be low-volume, since I still have a day job.  I’ll be doing the writing on evenings and weekends, and publishing during the week, when most people visit. So time of post is not time of writing. The basic drill is I review and release comments in the evening, then I publish a new post (written that night or the previous weekend). You all can have at it the following day. This puts some sand in the gears of discussion, but I’m not able to tend to the site during the day.

The best part of blogging is talking to other people. I hope the comments section here will be lively. I’ll need a bit of time to get my bearings with it, the better to forestall gobs of spam. We’ll see how good WordPress is at repelling it. I had guest posts on the old site, especially my friends The Sandwichman and Barkley Rosser. They are both writing at other places these days. For the time being I’m going to keep this stage to myself. I set up a place for MaxSpeak alumni to play called EconoSpeak, which even the great Krugman links to every so often. I don’t write for it.

The side columns will be constantly evolving, as I resurrect and update my blogroll and favored links. It turns out that in WordPress this is a cumbersome process. It’s not as easy to just jump into the code and insert what you like. If you don’t see yourself listed, take heart and be patient. Favorable mentions will be reciprocated in due course. Unfavorable ones will get the treatment they deserve, usually a posture of Olympian indifference.

Picture was taken on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s my happy face.

Back soon . . . Will start pumping out posts, daily I hope, on Monday.

P.S. comments thingy doesn’t seem to be working for me. WordPress advice welcome. P.P.S. fixed now.



Please allow me to reintroduce myself — 13 Comments

  1. Made my day! Once again confirming that the future is unknowable and there’s always hope.

  2. Now, if somehow Fablog could also be resurrected, we would experience world peace.

    So good to have you back!

  3. I think we have an archive of everything from your old site – all your old articles — from back when we did the redesign. Will have to look.

  4. Thanks K. I did a backup myself but I can’t find the damn thing. My first concern was not restoring the archive but getting the new site running and looking like the old one. I’d like to get a copy of the archive but for other reasons I don’t want to put it up yet.

  5. Welcome back to the blog arena though it hardly seems like you’ve been gone. I’ll be looking forward to your point of view and hopefully it won’t be too well retrained. Restraint is not always a virtue.

  6. I’m glad you’re back Max. I used to read MaxSpeak and occasionally comment before you shut down the shop. Here’s to old age and impending retirement.

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