Puerto Rico, USA (2)

A friend on the island writes . . .

Maria update whatever, Monday 9/25

So what is life like?

We spend hours hanging out with neighbors that we would otherwise just say hello to on the elevator.

We start conversations with strangers everywhere we go. Unfortunately, most of these meetings occur while waiting in line.

Some wait in line for the few functioning ATMs to get cash because none of the card machines are working. You then take that cash, go wait in line at the supermarket so you can buy whatever food remains on the shelves. Which for the time being is still okay. We wait in line for $10 worth of gasoline.

There is traffic, although given that traffic lights are out, I am surprised it’s not worse.

We wait in line in the hopes of catching a flight, for some of us back home, for others like [xxxx], to school, and for me, to a wedding twenty years in the making that I missed, and a trip to Greece that is delayed until?

And after days of using precious gasoline to go to the airport, you finally get told that it will be days before there is even a chance of flying out. So, you let go, after also checking other airports and even the boat marina, and go to the beach, to cool off, and hug the shade of the few remaining trees there.

And by 7 pm, the curfew kicks in, and we are expected to remain in our darkened residences, sober, because of a temporary ban on sales of alcoholic beverages.

Luckily, we have a very healthy relationship with rules here, and occasionally, a cool Medalla quenches our thirst.

For now, that wonderful spirit of chillness that I love in my fellow islanders remains fully intact.

In the coming days, I hope that some things will start improving so that people are least able to get gasoline and visit the remaining relatives from whom they may not have yet heard from.

Pretty much everyone I know on this island has been accounted for and is well.


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