They teach the children of Virginia — 8 Comments

  1. corprophagliocracy? Rule by the shit-eaters? Wait a minute, that would be coprophagiacracy. So corprophagliocracy? Rule by those sucking on the corporate teat? Is there a difference (formal or substantive)? Does one lead to a better class of ruler, or better outcomes? For the latter, if there is a difference, I would imagine the former, since at least all the shit disappears.

  2. “Jones’s talk heavily relied on Mason economics professor Bryan Caplan’s book, “The Myth of the Rational Voter” where Caplan outlines four democratic biases which are worsened as elections near. These biases are the anti-market bias, make-work bias, anti-foreign bias, and pessimistic bias.”

    Caplan’s “make-work bias” has another name. It’s usually referred to as the lump-of-labor fallacy. But I suppose a bogus fallacy claim has to skulk around under a wide variety of aliases.

    So let’s get this straight. We should reduce democracy and give more power to people who make up shit about what other people think? No. They already have too much power.

    One thing is certain, — Bryan Caplan’s mind is a suppository of knowledge.

  3. “I have a very strong opinion that every University on the face of the earth should be levelled to the ground and its foundations sowed with salt.” — George Bernard Shaw

    I have a very strong suggestion for where to start. — Sandwichman

  4. I expect that all the folks who keep telling us that they aren’t scientists will suddenly become the “experts” running everything…

  5. Hey, what is wrong with giving votes only to the edumacated? Ph.D.s are heavily Democratic these days, and some of them are even lefties! Also JDs and those MDs who aren’t surgeons.
    Of course, MBAs really aren’t all that well educated. We’ll have to exclude them. I suppose we should give JD-MBAs, like Mitt Romney, about 3/5 of a vote.

  6. If this goes through, I expect only graduates of institutions with the appropriate standards would be granted voting rights. Places such as Glen Beck University, Oral Roberts University… those losers from MIT need not apply.

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