Time series for imbeciles

Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation reports data “for the past five years” on July 10, 2014, which past five year period apparently refers to 2007 to 2012. Which reminds me of this bold fresh piece of econometric analysis, provided by the Wall Street Journal editorial page (where else?) during Steve’s illustrious tenure.20070713_thoma1


Time series for imbeciles — 8 Comments

  1. isn’t it wonderful to be so smart and snarky, you don’t actually have to explain what the problem is, which to many people, not trained to think of non linear regression, may not be that obvious

    Your snark is the mirror image of the WSJ op ed page, which is fitting: most “leftists” are actually the same as the wsj op ed, but with mirror words

  2. Answer to your first question is, yes it is. Otherwise there is explanation of the graph under the link. Cheers.

  3. Leftists – sorry, “leftists” – are reactionaries who speak in palindromes?

    You may be on to something there, Ezra.

  4. Whenever I see Stephen Moore on TV I can’t help thinking “Bill Hader left SNL to do parodies of Economists on TV?” What’s next Stephon on QE and how “fabulous” it is?

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