Universal Basic Income Recycling

A recent post, prior to the rebirth of MaxSpeak.

UBI will never happen. The justifications for the UBI — which are implicit critiques of the U.S. welfare state — are badly screwed up. My objection to UBI is not about work incentives. It is that UBI advocacy radically misunderstands the problems of anti-poverty assistance and the nature of the current system. Dylan Matthews, who does good work, has another view.


Universal Basic Income Recycling — 4 Comments

  1. I agree with your Next New Deal piece.

    Basically Matthews is writing in response to a conservative from The We(a)k who asserts science says there will be incentive problems with UBI. That sort of rhetoric is why they did welfare reform.

    I don’t know what led Ygelsias et al to see Clinton’s welfare reform and turn around and think UBI would be a good idea. Maybe they’re just saying to Paul Ryan, if you want to do eliminate poverty, don’t beat around the bush just do UBI.

    I just think it’s misguided to engage the Paul Ryan’s in their terms of “sound” government finance and “low overhead.” Much better are the ideas you present in your Next New Deal piece.

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