You are dead to me

Not getting any link-love from some of my favorite bloggers. Now off the blogroll. On some things I’m thin-skinned. Big guys have feelings too.


You are dead to me — 11 Comments

  1. Does that mean that you *will* give some link love to those of us who used to read you regularly, found you again (thanks Digby for telling me you’re still putting out that bloggy goodness), and put you back into my links zone?

    Teeny tiny bloggers who have been around for twelve plus years and still haven’t gotten 100K hits have feelings as well…

  2. I think it’s mostly a matter of inertia. Many of those “big guys” have long-defunct blogs on their blogroll, because blogrolls really are no longer a thing, and are thus never updated.

  3. I put you on my blog roll as soon as I knew you were back. If you put me on yours, it will be my biggest claim to fame.

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