Zionist style guide

Zionist-Massacres3We capture or arrest, they kidnap.

We have soldiers; they have fighters.

We are even-tempered; they are militant.

Our bombardments are self-defense; theirs are aggression.

Any civilian that we kill is actually killed by them.

We left Gaza. Blockading it is not an occupation.

Our roads into Gaza are aboveboard; their tunnels into Israel are devious.

They use tunnels to come into Israel and murder soldiers. We use roads to go into Gaza and “mow the lawn.”

We support a two-state solution, as long as the Palestinian state is not a state.



Zionist style guide — 5 Comments

  1. Just brilliant. And very courageous. My fear is that Bibi and Hamas are feeding on each other to stay in power. Hamas isn’t going to be fired until Bibi goes.

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  3. This stuff was compiled in something called “The Israel Project’s 2009 GLOBAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARY” by right wing speechifier Frank Luntz. At over 100 pages, it’s a quite impressive propaganda guide for the hard core.


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